Debbie Abrahams Bead Club 2014

Tuesday 7th January 2014

The 2014 Bead Club has just launched and I was so thrilled to be asked to be a guest designer again. Lunar worn 1 For this year I have designed a half-moon shawl called ‘Lunar’.  It’s a shape that I have been obsessed by this last 6 months, although as you know, luckily I don’t have an obsessive personality type. This one is simple yet really effective for showing off beads – which is perhaps the main point of the club.  I am on FIRE today, eh? Lunar on wing 1 The segments are half filled with blocks of off-set beads, forming pyramid shapes that echo the triangular sections. These are also beaded and defined with lace.  I was after a design that was a bit smaller and thus a tad quicker than  the frankly epic stole I designed for the 2013 club – well, Debbie said I could use up to 2,000 beads and 4 balls of Kidsilk Haze – seemed rude not to. I also wanted a clean art-deco effect from the symmetry of the bead placing.  I absolutely loved designing it and I hope you will enjoy knitting it.  Here is a link to my page on the Club website.    And here is a link to the Club’s home page. This year, you can join the Bead Club as usual and get all the designs as they are released.   This is £75 – bargain for 6 exclusive designs and all the beads;  or you can buy the designs and the beads used individually – £15 for each one.  I think that’s a great idea. KSH half moon v close and folded I am Miss August. *demure smile* *dons vintage dress and Lunar Stole*  But I think you can buy me now 🙂  

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