Bump Bag Pattern Now Available

Saturday 4th January 2014

The Bump Bag pattern has landed! You can buy it here. Also, in about 2 weeks, I will have some handles for sale on this site that will be perfect for this bag.  The original handles made by Rowan were discontinued (sigh) and are virtually unobtainable now.  Alternatives are possible but it’s not easy to get the right size.  So I have had a few pairs made and I will post a link to buy them from me as soon as  they arrive. In the meantime, why not get the Bump pattern now, and then get your yarn – you need 3 shades with enough contrast to count.  There is a yummy palette in Felted Tweed so I think you may enjoy the browsing – I did. Your pattern PDF includes a free, bonus felted needle case, made with the left-overs.  I had literally about 3 meters of yarn in 2 shades left at the end.  Very satisfying. Bump needle case 1 I do hope you enjoy it.  It’s an easy if lengthy knit, so I recommend you read some of my posts about audio books and maybe choose one to download to go with it. I love my original and now rather aged Bump Bag.  It’s a dear friend, the thing I knitted at the start of my designing journey, and by far the most used and loved item I have ever made.  

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