Bump Bag Handles

Sunday 12th January 2014

I have had some handles made that will fit the newly re-designed Bump Bag.  You can browse (as I believe we now have to term what we used to call ‘look at’) them here. handles white (2) I really like them.  They are plain and functional, quite light but not flimsy, and they are wooden, not famboo (fake bamboo), like so many are.  Personally I don’t like bamboo-stylee things. I might, if I was in South Pacific.  But I’m not.  I used the old Rowan ones because they fitted.  Once they were discontinued, it was very difficult to obtain ones that fitted or did not look plastic. These are stained white, but you could re-paint them.  The Bump pattern can be ordered here. I’ve only had 12 pairs made, by the way.      

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