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Monday 25th February 2019

Most recently, I went to the pictures to see Green Book. Last night it won best film Oscar.  Edited:  I have read a lot of critiques on Green Book, focusing on the way it has a simplistic ‘white saviour’ theme – and it does.  The way I saw the film a few weeks ago, compared to the way I would see it now, are very different.  It is a good film in that it is well acted and yet now, it makes me very uncomfortable because of this.  

Sometimes I re-watch an old film.  Or I see one I meant to see at the time but missed.  Here are the most recent oldies.

Sully:  Miracle on the Hudson.  This is a great picture, enhanced by the wonderful Tom Hanks.  It makes me cry (with relief, it’s not at all sad) every time.  It may have been slightly ‘dramatised’ but it is all true.  If you missed this in 2016, catch it now, free on Prime.  It is a good 1.5 hours. The perfect length for a film, too.

A Knight’s Tale, Netflix. I have watched this film at least 6 times.  When it was released in 2001, going to the pictures for me was usually to take one or both of the girls to see a Disney film or similar.  But still, I made time to go twice in the same week to see this film at the pics.  In 2001, the use of contemporary music in an historical setting was really innovative.  I think it was that which captured me.  Also, the beauty of the cast, and the costumes.  But really, it is a great film because it has a good story, with a beginning and an end; it has a proper villain, and a proper hero.  And, a happy ending.  My favourite scenes are when Geoff (Chaucer, I didn’t say it was accurate!) does his thing at the tournaments, and the dancing to Golden Years at a banquet.  Just genius.  After Heath Ledger died in real life, I couldn’t watch it.  But it is on Netflix and this week I re-watched it.  Still love it.  It will never age.  If you didn’t see it, and even if ‘historical’ or period films are not your usual thing, do give this a go.  It’s funny, beautiful, clever and a jolly good yarn.

Easy A, free on Amazon.  This is a teen-type American film.  So, yes, I grant it will not be for everyone.  But this is clever and it stars Emma Stone, being ‘fairly’ convincing as a high school teenager.  The A is for adulterer – as in The Scarlet Letter, an A level book that has been used to torture thousands of students both in the USA and here, for no good reason whatsoever.  Anyway, the plot is thin, but quite funny.  If you are prepared to suspend your disbelief, and need a quick-and-easy watch, you could do worse.

And here are some available on Netflix or Prime and that I had missed or which are quite new:

Close – Netflix and I think a 2019 release.  Hmm. It’s *OK*.  Basically all female cast led by close personal protection agent, played by Noomi Rapace, whose work I do really like.  It is quite tense but it didn’t freak me out.  

Fyre, Netflix.  Fyre was an exclusive music festival – a festival that really never existed and which was basically a massive scam.  This is a documentary about Fyre.  It left me with quite a lot of emotions, mainly amazement at how vacuous, vain, and stupid some people are, and how disgusting some – a minority, it must be said – are as they pedalled criminal-minded money-thieving scams that left many innocent people who had laboured for them for months or weeks, damaged, financially and emotionally.  Also, social media.  So good, so powerful and also, sometimes, so deadly. Anyway, I enjoyed it.  It’s not fun, it’s not action-packed, but as the shit-storm unfolds, it is jaw-dropping.  I also noted that almost all the head-shots (a lot of this film is delivered with talking heads, shot in a studio) are male.  

And last, What We Do In The Shadows, no charge on Prime.  This is a mockumentary, spoofing reality ‘fly on the wall’ programmes.  It is about an every-day bunch of vampires who live in a suburban house in New Zealand.  Obvs they only go out at night and they can’t see themselves in mirrors so they have to critique each others’ outfits.  They are house mates and they bicker about things, get involved with humans, and also other genres such as zombies.  I am going to say now that I do know this is not great, high-minded content and I am also basically 12 years old.  But I really enjoyed it.  It’s incredibly silly, but it is also quite clever and it is funny! If you are in the right mood and don’t want to concentrate hard, give this a go.  I think it was released about 3 years ago, but it was new to me.  If you watch it, Prime will suggest lots of other vampire films to you, fair warning.  But I am more likely to watch them than Grand Tour which Prime keeps shoving at me like a cousin it thinks I should go out with. Get Lost!


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