I am Teaching in Cornwall!

Tuesday 19th March 2019

One of the projects I am teaching here in April at the Embellishments Workshops is the icord-edge shawl.  And these are fully booked.  So I am teaching it – just focusing on the icord shawl – in Cornwall, at a new knitting and sewing shop, called Stitches and Cream in Falmouth, on the 30th March.  I would absolutely love it if you could come.  Falmouth is lush.  The shop looks gorgeous.  And the icord edge shawl is both easy and also very satisfying because it is so, so neat.  And you can knit it with any DK, or in Kidsilk Haze or similar – I will show you how adaptable this recipe is.  You can even change the yarn to 4 ply or aran, and just use the appropriate needles. 

If you come, and if the sun is shining, I will buy the whole class ice-creams.  Seriously.  Knitting fun with me, suitable for all abilities as long as you can knit and purl. A gorg project, that you can knit in the car/on the train/in front of Netflix because it’s TWO ROWS to the repeat; and ice-cream.  

Here is the shawl in all its lushness:


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