Hat Workshop, 7 March 2020

Wednesday 30th January 2019

I am celebrating my new website by launching a new event for 2020.  Hat Day, which will be on 7 March 2020.  Here it is.

A hat is a humble accessory.  But I love them because they are fast to knit, economical, fun to design – and they offer a lot of technique options in a very small space.  They also make the ideal gift for I believe that everyone loves to be knitted for, and hats are way less of a commitment than a garment or even a scarf. I know Netflix mini-series that are more of a commitment than knitting a hat.  One extra bonus point – they are very transportable and small so you can squirrel one away in your handbag in case of an emergency. 

So Hat Day here in 2020 will offer you the chance to choose one of my three new designs – though you will of course get all the patterns on the day – to cast on and knit here.  Or, you can focus on teach-ins with us on the techniques which will include:

  • Knitting in the round on one short circular needle – the easiest way to knit a hat by far.
  • How to transition from the short needle to DPNs at the point where the crown is decreased.
  • Or, how to knit the entire hat on DPNs, or Magic Loop.  Both of these have significant advantages in that you will stay on these needles throughout.
  • How to work Fairisle in the round.
  • How to construct an ear-flap hat.
  • How to construct a beanie, with or without a folded brim.
  • How to construct a tam.
  • How to adapt hat patterns.  For example, to make it small enough for a child.  Or, how to change the chart, add beads, change the crown.

So, this event offers you exciting new designs, and the chance to take part in some or all of the techie bits.  I won’t be swatching this, there are too many options but you can try each means of round knitting and have a go at several other techniques too. Or just cast on a hat and knit!

You can also choose any hat pattern that is published on my website as a free gift, if on the day, you also buy the yarn. 





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