Going on tour

Wednesday 18th January 2012

(If by tour you mean 1 date). Yes, I’m going to be running a workshop in Birmingham on Saturday 21 April this year.  It will be hosted by a good friend of mine, also an expert knitter and fully qualified domestic goddess, Lisa.  Her house is in an area of Brum called Wylde Green which is Sutton way.  There is Wylde Green station about 3 mins walk away and lots of street parking. Her house.  Well, it’s gorgeous, also huge.  Perfect for a host of knitters to have a happy workshop day. We will accept only 12 bookings though to make sure everyone has a proper workshop experience.  I’m keen because not everyone can get down here to the Shire for a day and also I can only accept 6 or at a push 7, due to Hobbit-like cottage that I dwell in. The subject of this day is Kidsilk Haze cuffs.  We will learn all the tips and tricks of the as-yet-unpublished Le Marais cuffs, which boast (yes, they do) beads and sequins, frills, flounces, simple lace and picot-edges.  They are not difficult.  You only need to be able to knit, purl, cast on and off and be fairly confident about those things.  You need never have knitted with KSH, beads, sequins, or done a frill or a picot, ever, because we will teach you.  So on the day, you’ll be pampered and fed, as only Lisa can (her CAKES, my dear! they are divine, I still sometimes think about a cake – or it may have more accurately been a pudding – she once made when we knitted there…) and you will choose 2 shades of KSH and beads and sequins and we will cast on and knit all day, learning as we go. You will depart with the pattern and all you need to complete that pair AND another pair in the reverse colour way.  Want to come? Good!  Pop the date – 21 April – on your calendar and next week I will add the booking form to the workshop page, along with a couple of other Court Cottage dates for the autumn and winter.

4 responses to “Going on tour”

  1. mooncalf says:

    Totally. Knitting, public transport, cake, the midlands… I’m IN!

  2. Janet Courbet says:

    Sorry Ali I can’t make this which is such a shame as it is so local – I am having my hen weekend in Benidorm from 20th – 22nd April. I will make sure I tell the girls who are interested here in good old Fire Control but most of them will be joining me in Benidorm!!

  3. Alison says:

    Oh but wait, Jan doesn’t that also mean that I’LL be in Benidorm, too….??

  4. Janet Courbet says:

    Yes of course just book a flight it would be great if you could come. There are about 25 of us going from work – its a bit of a saga hen really. You can always re-arrange the workshop can’t you!!?

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