Debbie Abrahams Bead Club Members: new Court Cottage workshop, 15 June

Saturday 2nd February 2013

If you have signed up for the Debbie Abrahams Bead Club 2013 – yay, well done you, you rock. (If not, you can do so here. Then you’ll also rock. Yay). Anyway, I designed one of the patterns for the 2013 club.  It’s the June pattern and it’s a lace stole or wrap.  It will come as no surprise that this features beads.  In fact, being the Bead Club I am guessing that if it hadn’t featured beads it might have baffled Debbie a bit and been sent back to try harder. Never fear, it’s got A Lot of beads on it. It really is a lovely item to feel over your shoulders being both light and airy as well as comfortingly weighted with the beads. Also, it has a major swish-factor.  It’s quite big and features a beaded ruffle.  Swishing is almost impossible to resist.  Why resist?  Swish away and enjoy.  I know I do. I am going to run a workshop on this design here at Court Cottage on Saturday 15 June. You should receive your bead club June design by the end of the first week of June, so the timing is perfect.  To participate, you will need to be a Bead Club 2013 member. At this workshop, you and I will knit a sample of the design including the frilly beaded edging in the morning in order to make sure you’re really happy with the stitch and bead placing, and after lunch, you will cast on your actual stole.  Though the design is not a difficult knit, it might be rather nice to have a practice knit, see the real stole, try it on, decide if you want to change anything such as the width which we can easily do – and get a head start on your June project! Here’s a link to the workshop booking page.

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