The Judith Bell-Ruffle Boa – almost there

Friday 31st December 2010

For a while I’ve been almost done with this scarf/boa – it’s only down-side is the extravagantly long picot cast-off.  Now I love a picot cast-off as some of you may have noticed.  A good play on Radio 4, cup of tea to hand, and a Zen-like state of cast-on-two-cast-off-three for an hour or so, and I’m happy.  But even I am a little daunted by the sheer staying power of this cast-off.  However, it is now almost done, maybe three Miss Marples, and I’ll be finished. Here it is looking very frothy and luminous in a slightly dodgy dark December window:
Judith Ruffle Boa
You can see the central panel, along each side of which I have knitted a series (a very long series) of lace-sided bell shaped ruffles.
The Judith Boa
It has a distinct structure, but also, as it comes off the needles, it is gently twisting round – very pretty. I have some changes to make to this design.  The central panel – and thus the boa’s construction – needs to be altered.  I want to add some colour-mingling.  I may also make the picot edge optional (i.e. everyone will omit it…) This version is inspired by and dedicated to my sister-in-law, Judith Lavery, so any day now this one will be on its way to her.  Then I’ll re-knit it, adpoting the changes I have in mind.  And then it will be a kit, here on my website. I think I’ll offer it in this teal and acid green colourway, plus maybe a grey/black combo…or soft lavender and warm grey…It will take three balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in all and there will be ‘left-overs’ for use in little stash busting designs.

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