So much knitting

Wednesday 2nd March 2011

I’m right in between two perfect weekends:  last weekend I had a group of friends here, knitting;  and this weekend – more knitting at Court Cottage. Last weekend, we knitted a variety of projects, and held a mini-workshop, basically:
L - R: Tessa, Janet, me
  Basically, a typical day’s knitting with some lovely people!  We knitted a bit of lace, some samples for felting, practiced some new stitches and techniques, ate chocolate brownies thanks to Lily.  All in all, it was fabulous.
Me and Tessa, counting....
  Note the litter of tea cups!  we had already eaten the cake. As a bonus, I also finished the Frost Flower Mitts, modelled here by Watty:
Frost Flower Mitts
  KSH + Shimmer = frosty, glam mitts.  Available as a kit on this site from April.

2 responses to “So much knitting”

  1. Mags says:

    Ooo that workshop room looks lovely. Much nicer than being taught on a busy shop floor!

  2. Sue D says:

    You have very lucky friends. It all looks very relaxing and creative (and brownies are always a plus!).

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