New Technical Event: casting off, Thursday 9 July 2015

Monday 27th April 2015

The next technical event is now live. It’s all about the cast-off.  You can view and book here.  There are literally 1000s of options and there is always a cast-off solution.  We will be focusing on a few really helpful ‘standards’ both practical and decorative, sometimes both.  Plus a re-cap on what works best for different projects. I am aiming to add two or three new technical half-days in the autumn soon.  The topics I had in mind were converting patterns to be knitted flat or in the round; adding embroidery to your knitting; maybe needle-felting although this is very light on the knitting content; top-down sock basics; toe-up sock basics; intarsia basics.  I mention the latter as I *can* knit intarsia but I never design anything in it as it much prefer Fairisle colourwork, so it will never feature as a main workshop.  Nevertheless, it’s a good skill to have. Let me know of any topics you think I might include.

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