Smoke & Mirrors Felted Bag & Needle Case

A felted bag and matching needle case.  The bag is suitable for use as a large knitting or project bag or as an every-day tote. It is sturdy with thick, durable felted fabric.

The pattern uses texture, colour and beading to add both extra strength to the felt and an attractive finish.

I rate this as moderately challenging but is suitable for reasonably confident knitters who can cast on and off, knit and purl, and follow a pattern.  The colour work is slip-stitched which is very easy, so you are not knitting Fairisle or intarsia. All the techniques are fully explained in the pattern.

The bag is felted in the washing machine. 

The design uses:

Yarn, Needles etc:

  • Rowan Felted Tweed A – 3 x 50g balls
    Rowan Felted Tweed B – 6 x 50g balls
  • Approx 800 beads, size 6
  • A pair of handles 


  • Prior to felting: 44.5 cm in length from fold-line by 48 cm in width at widest point.  After felting and making up: 32cm in length by 37cm in width at widest point not counting gusset.

The pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF.

Cost:  £6 for the bag and case design

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