Thursday 11th August 2011

In order to cheer up a frankly very disappointing August Thursday (do buck up, August!  I feel like a school Ma’am who is more sad than angry with this particular British summer:  ‘could do better’) I present Glow, interpreted by Andrea, who attended one of my classes recently: Glow uses (used) Kidsilk Aura, now discontinued so I have re-designed it, taking the chance at the same time to change the ends, and make some other adjustments.  When a yarn is discontinued, there is a range of emotions, that I pass through, as a designer.  These span from amazement to ‘I shrug my shoulders, I could have told you that…’.  I am going to miss Aura, Kidsilk Haze’s big, fat sister.  But anyway, let’s not dwell and be sad, because these things also represent opportunity.  This time the opportunity was:  Shimmer! I have re-cast the supporting role that Aura had in ‘Glow’ with Shimmer.  And just like in ‘All About Eve’: Go to fullsize image the supporting actress (Shimmer, playing the part of Anne Baxter) out-shines the real leading lady (Kidsilk Haze, giving us a very convincing Bette Davis).  As you can see from the image of Glow in pewter Shimmer and Dewberry KSH, the new Glow has been further embellished by beads.  Now, I taught Andrea at a lovely yarn shop where I am often spotted, for it is my native habitat.  I find this shop, Spin-a-Yarn, is a rich hunting ground for me.  I think you are aware that my key objectives in life are:  discover a cure for freckles on the top-lip area;  make a sour-dough starter that doesn’t die a depressing and fetid death;  wear fitted dresses with sticky-out net underskirts at every opportunity;  and finally – convert the knitting world, one knitter at a time, to the joys of Kidsilk Haze, glitter, beads and sequins.  Sometimes, a knitter who has had insufficient exposure to these elements, may make a small ‘mou’ of distaste when I suggest beads.  Often, sequins receive mixed reviews and Shimmer can encounter frank and open yarn-discrimination.  I find few resist us for long though.  And at Spin-a-Yarn, I have encountered some very promising material, resulting in being able to establish a new South West cell of glitter-knitters.  Andrea has now joined this cell.  I am proud of her!  Even I had not added beads to new Glow.  That over-sight will be addressed very soon. Andrea also knitted new Glow in an inspired palette of shades that, on the day of the workshop, we christened Fairytale: With silver Shimmer and pale pink and soft yellow-green Kidsilk Haze, this makes me think of fair-grounds and – I say this in a good way, cos I love them – My Little Pony-Land.  It looks like the colours of candy flos and pony-manes… Who wants to watch ‘All About Eve’ now?  We may as well, it’s cold and wet outside, being August 11.  Right, I’ll pop the kettle on, you grab your (sparkly) knitting and I’ll meet you on the sofa in 10.

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