WIP Amnesty Day 2020 #1: 29 February 2020

WIP Amnesty Day is back for 2020.  We first tried this in 2019 and it was really good with so much energy and many successes. 


  • A low-cost day here, to which you bring a WIP (work in progress, also known as UFOs – unfinished objects).
  • Just come along with a project that you are knitting and want to devote a whole, uninterrupted day to. Or bring a project that you have ground to a halt on.  Or are stuck on.
  • These DO NOT have to be my designs. They can be but it is even more fun if they are not. 
  • Kathryn and I do our best to problem-solve, or otherwise encourage you to get back on track.
  • Double the usual number of participants – so we will take 14. We use both rooms and rotate.
  • A simple lunch of sandwiches and fruit, tea or coffee x 3 servings (on arrival, at lunch time and at tea time), plus tea time cakes.

What we can do (probably):

  • Examine the project with you, and the pattern, to see if we can suggest a fix to a problem that has halted you.  This may be a technical issue, or there may be a feature of the design that we can tweak.
  • Help you to decide on your next steps.  Probably this will be finishing the project but it might also be deciding to re-purpose the yarn.

Cost:  £40

Book here: