The Icord Throncho Workshop – fully booked

9 March 2019

Three pattern variations are offered on this new course.  The event will focus on using an icord cast-on and cast-off to create a unique, elegant and striking garment or scarf.  A Throncho is a long rectangle of knitting which is then folded and seamed in one place – over one shoulder – to create a flattering and very wearable accessory.

By using an icord at the beginning, the end and at intervals throughout the piece, you knit on 2 planes – and thus the throw, Throncho or scarf has stocking stitch running both horizontally and vertically.

The items which are large, medium and small, are knitted in standard weight DK wool.  I used three colours to create a contrasting mineral palette but you can knit this in any shades that you like.

The throw, Throncho and scarf are knitted in one piece – they are not sewn together other than the single shoulder seam on the Throncho. They are neatly finished and sit entirely flat – no roll.

This is a classic for your wardrobe or home.  Participants will also receive my Roxy Throncho pattern free on the day if purchasing yarn for Roxy or for the icord designs.

The knitting is not difficult, but you will learn the neatest ways to knit icords – with a beaded option, and then use the icords as an integral element of this design. The construction and completion of each piece will also be fully explained.  The images show the finished icord Throncho (above) and some close-up details of the structure.


Cost:  £70