The Embellishments Workshop – fully booked

Happy Endings:  The Embellishments Workshop, 13 April 2019

Many designs – often the best designs – are simple, at their heart.  What can make a design stand out are the details which often appear at the end – or the start – of the knitting.

This workshop will feature two new projects each of which will have a range of embellishments to begin and/or complete the design. These will include but may not be limited to:

  • Beads.
  • Borders.
  • Textured features.
  • Bobbles.
  • Knitted-on edges.
  • Special cast-ons and cast-offs.

I will design small, medium and larger projects for you and use a full range of yarn weights. The items can be cast on, on the day, or you can swatch each new embellishment and learn all the techniques on the day – or a bit of both.  Along the way, you will be learning about key skills such as picking up and knitting, finishing off, and knitted or applied embellishments.


Places:  0

Cost:  £70