Knit Camp 2020

Knit Camp 2020 will take place from Friday 16 October to Sunday 18 October.  It will be the 4th Knit Camp in the series. 

What I can certainly promise you is a 3-day event that is packed with learning, knitting, and so much fun.  

New Knit Campers and returners alike are guaranteed an amazing KC welcome.  Everyone is welcome here and the warm, inclusive and fun-filled atmosphere is unique.  

Location:  Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath, 16 – 18 October 2020.  This is an elegant, luxurious location on the outskirts of Bath.  

Format:  KC 2020 starts with lunch at 1.00 pm on Friday and KC HQ runs from 2 – 5 on Friday, 10 – 5 on Saturday, and from 10 – 4 on Sunday.  Formal rolling teaching (optional) will run on Friday, Saturday afternoon, and all day Sunday.

Other activities:  there is a private Knit Camp dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Saturday morning is ‘free time’ for you to go out and about – or stay at KC as the room will be open as usual if you prefer to stay in.  Knit Camp has a pop-up shop and there are often additional resources for you to sample.  In 2019 for example, we had needle felting and yarn tasting.

Teaching:  Knit Camp is different from a knitting retreat or holiday, in that it is design, teaching, and technique led.  The techniques are taught at Knit Camp with a ‘rolling’ programme of small-group tuition, plus one-to-one support if needed. Each Knit Camp aims to explore a few new techniques, which I apply to the designs I create for each event.  Taking part is entirely optional.  You can just knit, opt in, opt out, up to you. 

Staff:  there are 4 Knit Camp ‘staff’.  Kathryn and I create the collections and teach the techniques.  Emma and Lily provide invaluable and knowledgeable KC shop and room support. This is a great team who are all very experienced and are dedicated to helping you have the best experience.  

The Designs:  in 2020 there will be 1 or maybe 2 new designs; plus I will be re-imagining the ‘top’ designs from previous Knit Camps.  I create a collection for each KC, and attendees receive all the designs in the collection.  I aim to create a collection that ranges from easy to moderately challenging; covers a wide range of techniques; and has projects of various sizes – 2 or 3 balls of yarn upwards.

What is included:  the full collection for KC 2020; full board from lunchtime on Friday to Sunday, which includes breakfast, lunches, dinners with wine, other refreshments, a sparkling wine reception on the first evening; sole occupancy of a very comfortable en-suite double or king room at this elegant hotel; all tuition and support; KC 2020 ‘goodie bag’; KC pop-up shop. I also write to Knit Campers approximately every 6 – 8 weeks by email with a private KC Bulletin with news, up-dates, and images of what I am working on for the event. 

Cost:  the cost is £699.  This is payable in 3 installments – September 2019 (£225); February 2020 (£225) and June 2020 (balance – £249).  I will contact you to remind you when payments are due.  Or, pay in full before the end of September 2019 and get a £30 discount – paying £669. You can use the Pay Pal buttons below or contact me if you want me to send you a BACs invoice, or you want to pay by cheque. 

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