Alison Crowther-Smith

‘Wraith’ Stole

wraith base pooled

This generous evening stole was created for my Halloween workshop in 2014, and so now I can release the design into the wild.

It is a fairly easy knit, with enough interest to stop the basic stocking stitch, on which it is based, becoming dull.  The chief attractions are the ribbons which are knitted-in features, adding weight, drape and drama at each end of the stole; and the sequin and bead sections.  In fact, it is beaded all over, but the glitter is much more concentrated at the ends, then yielding to a scattering of beads for the main part of the stole.

wraith on form

The ribbons and the beads add weight to the super-fine yarn, which is knitted single and on large needles.  It grows quite quickly too.

Skills used:

  • thumb cast-on
  • simple increasing
  • placing beads and sequins (fully explained)
  • Kitchener stitch (fully explained)
  • picking up and knitting at the edges

I rate this design as moderately challenging.  The ribbon is a cast-on feature, and while it is unusual, it is not difficult.  The stole is knitted in two halves and grafted together in the middle, though you can substitute a three needle cast-off here for a neat but more visible seam.

My colour way was greys and black, partly because it was a Halloween knit, but change these and the dark origins of the stole would never be apparent.  I have seen it being knitted in golds, in bronzes and in midnight blue, all to great effect.

Wraith hanging

You will need:

  • 3 x 25 g  balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (I used  dark grey)
  • approx 260 sequins, 8 or 10 mm across, flat and the same on both sides (I used pewter grey)
  • approx 1,200 beads, size 6 (I used mid-grey)
  • 10 meters of satin ribbon, 25 mm wide (I used black)
  • a pair of 5 mm needles plus a spare needle
  • a 5 mm circular needle, 100 cm long for the edges
  • (optional) a 5.5 mm needle for the side cast-off

Cost:  £4

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