Alison Crowther-Smith

The Wilkins Scarf

I rarely design for men, though I intend to do this more now for kits on this site.  However, I had a design challenge when last year my long-term boss (in a former job, where I didn’t knit!) retired.  Mr Wilkins likes the horse racing so this scarf was designed for him, to wear at the races.  I think he wears it.

About the scarf

It’s basically a huge cable, that twists 2 ways and has large, tactile bobbles placed inside the cables themselves.  All this happens on a reverse stocking stitch background, with a narrow moss stitch edge.  The yarn is Cocoon, a chunky and butter-soft yarn, quite delightful to knit with.  Super-sized needles also make this design a satisfyingly fast knit.  It’s long, the model is wearing it doubled up and hooped through.  My daughter also covets this scarf, and I therefore think it might have teen potential – chunky cable knits are cool.  Yes, I know we always knew that.

Degree of difficulty

It’s intermediate.  I say this because it uses a cable needle and also you have to knit bobbles.  That said, the instructions are very clear and I think a brief practice will reassure you that it’s still only knitting and purling.

What you will need

3 balls of Rowan Cocoon

Needles used

You will need 7mm needles;  a cable needle.


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