Alison Crowther-Smith

The Corkscrew Drop Mittens

These mittens are great fun to wear and also, easy to knit.  Knitted in Rowan Pure Wool 4 Ply, they yield a lovely firm base, around which you place a guide-line that corkscrews round the hand of the mitten.  Later, using this line as your guide, a frill of Kidsilk Haze is added.  Note that you can use any standard 4 ply yarn here;  I have also knitted a pair in Rowan Wool Cotton 4 Ply and this was fine, giving me a much ‘snugglier’ softer fit and feel.

To make sure the corkscrews mirror each other, you knit a right and a left – but once made you can decide which hand is which as the frill goes right the way around.  They are named after a descent in a Welsh cave (though there are several such drops) where I first learned the joy of letting yourself gently down a corkscrew climb down.

You will need:  a set of 3mm double pointed needles (or 2 short circulars or a long circular for magic loop if you prefer);  a long – 100cm or more – 3mm circular needle (2 would be easier but I managed with 1); 3 stitch markers; a safety pin or length of waste yarn.

Degree of difficulty:  the basic mitten is quite straight forward knitting in the round;  the frill round the hand is just tricky, not technically hard.  Skills used:  knitting in the round; picking up and knitting.  1 ball of Kidsilk Haze will be enough for 2 pairs of mitts.

Note:  picking up the frill is not hard, just tricky and you will have to ease the cable of the circular needle as you work.

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