Alison Crowther-Smith

Smudge Scarf Pattern

Using 2 shades of Kidsilk Haze and a generous serving of crystal beads, this wide scarf yields drape and weight – because of the beads.  The 2 shades are never used together, they alternate, and by using a neat and simple stitch trick, we create an almost 3-D effect, giving the appearance of depth in the shadows we are knitting.  It is far easier than it might look.  This scarf looks lovely draped open over the shoulders and equally fabulous scrunched into the collar of a winter coat or jacket.  In winter, surely we need the sparkle even more than ever?

About the scarf

This takes 2 balls of Kidsilk Haze in 2 contrasting shades, plus almost 700 large crystal beads.  That seems like a lot, and it is but placing them is easy and doesn’t happen on every row anyway.  The effect we knit looks like intarsia, or shadow work, but in fact it’s not, it is, once again, a easily acquired trick.

Degree of difficulty

This is medium.  This is because you will be knitting with beads – an easy skill and fully explained;  and also you’re working with 2 shades to create the smudged colour effect.

What you will need

2 balls of Kidsilk Haze in 2 shades, plus 2 bags of large crystal beads (you’ll be using about 700).  You can of course make the scarf longer if you want.

Needles used

You will need 4mm needles;  a fine hand-sewing needle and length of sewing cotton for threading on the beads.

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