Alison Crowther-Smith

Smoke and Mirrors Felted Bag


This felted bag is just the right size for knitting or other projects and kit; it also doubles nicely as a hand bag as it is not huge.

Knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed, it has a sturdiness that makes it suitable to use unlined.  There are two generous pockets as well.  The stitches used provide interest more or less throughout, but are really easy to do once you have practiced them – which is what you do with the pockets.

The top half of the bag uses a deeply folded textured stitch which is also beaded.  The lower half uses a simple slipped stitch two colour stitch.  The net result of both of these is an extra thickness which, post-felting, makes the bag very strong.

The pattern gives you full detailed instructions plus a link to the bag handles I used.

The finished bag looks as if you have knitted intarsia or Fairisle to get the two colour effect but in fact only one shade is ever in use at any one time on rows.  Easy work.

Finished (post-felted) size: approx 32cm in height and 37cm in width.

It is felted in the washing machine.

You will need:

  • 4mm needles. Due to the size of the sides I used an 80cm long circular needle but the work is flat.
  • Rowan Felted Tweed in 2 shades:  3 x A; 6 x B.  These need to contrast.
  • Approx 800 beads, size 6.
  • A pair of handles.  I specify the ones I used in the pattern.
  • 4 short lengths of contrast yarn or 4 detachable markers.

Skills used:

  • Casting on and off.
  • Knitting in the beads (fully explained).
  • Picking up stitches for the folded work (fully explained).
  • Simple slip-stitch (full explained).
  • Stocking and garter stitch.
  • Ease:  easy to moderate.  Any reasonably competent knitter can make this bag.

Cost:  £4

Buy the pattern: