Alison Crowther-Smith

Rhumba Alley Cuffs Pattern


Shall we dance?  On a bright cloud of music, shall we fly?

Oh OK then, let’s not dance but we can at least knit a pair of cuffs so extravagant that even I blush a little when I wear them.  It’s not that they are flashy with sequins, in fact, though they are beaded, they’re quite restrained.  No, it’s the swishing and flaring of the cuffs on the wrist.

Like a Latin dancer’s skirt they are a full circle of of twirling, frothy, beaded loveliness.

Rhumba Alley is also the name of a snaky bit of cave in the Mendips – the sort of place where it’s almost impossible not to shimmy a bit.  This is why I *may* never really be a proper caver, but I can’t help it.

Knitted in the round, they take only 2 balls of yarn – Kidsilk Haze and Rowan Fine Lace held together for most of the time.  Plus some beads.

You will need a set of DNPs in 2.25mm and 3.75mm, (or circular for magic loop, or two short circs, depending how you like to knit in the round), 208 size 6 beads and a stitch marker.

They are only moderate in terms of difficulty, involving knitting in the round and placing beads.  The cuff is quite long, ribbed and tight, and then at once we start a twirling increase, whilst also placing beads, then as a finale, a foamy cast-off just in Kidsilk Haze.  You do need these, trust me.

They knit up super-fast and really are a gorgeous little accessory.

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