Alison Crowther-Smith

Moulin Rouge Cuffs Pattern

The Moulin Rouge cuffs have it all.  Literally.  Beads, sequins, beads and sequins together, stacked, bright shades, ruffles, frills and picots.  Not for the retiring perhaps, but I promise you that even the most corporate black cashmere coat or weekend fine grey sweater benefits by having a pair of these popped under the sleeves.  They are dramatic, they do keep your wrists and hand surprisingly warm and you will be unable to resist some serious hand-posing.  Another bonus is the speed with which they can be created, and the fact that 2 balls of yarn yield 2 pairs of cuffs, in reverse colour-ways.

About the cuffs

They are tight at the wrist, with ribbing, knitted double, after which the flare that adorns your hands is created, upon which we also knit beads and beads with sequins.  This flare has a sweet bell-shaped drape and finally, in the contrast shade, a frothy picot is added as a cast-off feature.  Back to the wrists, where we pick up and knit a tight frill.  You never know when this might be glimpsed, it’s best to be ready with an embellishment.

Degree of difficulty

Medium.  You will be knitting with beads and sequins, which is easy, increasing for the flares, using a picot cast-off and picking up and knitting the wrist frill.

What you will need

2 balls of Kidsilk Haze in contrasting shades;  sequins and beads – I used 2 shades of beads and 2 of sequins.

Needles used

You will need to provide a pair of 3.25mm needles;  a pair of 4mm needles;  a fine hand-sewing needle and a length of hand-sewing cotton to thread on the beads and sequins.

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