Alison Crowther-Smith

Little Wooden Hill Baby Blanket

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This is a small heirloom piece with a modern twist.  The simple design features repeated lace hearts which are are beaded, set in ‘blocks’ or boxes and bordered with cables and moss stitch panels.  It’s knitted in one piece.  Beads are not sewn on but are threaded onto the yarn, knitted into place, and form an integral part of the design.

The drape of the blanket is a lovely feature, and being 100% cotton, has the practicality of machine washing.  I know how much people love to knit, and receive hand-knitted things for new babies.  This is a modern classic, not too big, not too difficult but simply beautiful.

About the blanket

The finished size is approximately 48 cm by 62 cm, being designed to be a first size item, suitable for the moses basket or pram.  However, sizing it up would be easy if you wanted to make another later – adding ‘boxes’ both horizontally and vertically, but just using this as your template.  This yarn, and the beads, are machine washable at 40 degrees.

Degree of Difficulty

This is medium.  You will be knitting with beads, doing very simple lace and cables, and also working from a simple chart.  This is all explained and once the ‘boxes’ are established, it’s straight-forward.

Needles used

You will need to provide a 3.75mm circular needle 60 or 80cm long.  This is used as if it was a pair of normal single-point needles but it’s handy to use the circular as it makes it easier to handle the number of stitches.  You can cram the stitches onto a pair of straight needles if you prefer.  You will also need a cable needle.  The design uses 6 balls of Rowan HKDK and size 6 beads.

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