Alison Crowther-Smith

Le Marais Cuffs Pattern


Similar to the Moulin Rouge Cuffs, these little beauties in Kidsilk Haze were designed after my visit to Paris.  We stayed in Le Marais and the exuberance of the area is somehow expressed in these delicate cuffs.  Delicate they may be but they are not shy.  Beads, sequins and lace – that’s not shy.

You will need a pair of 2.75 and 4 mm needles, 2 balls of Kidsilk Haze (this is enough for 2 pairs, reversing the colour ways) and some beads and sequins.

The design is knitted flat and I think it is well on the easy side of moderate.

Super-fast to knit up – and for 2 balls you get 2 pairs.  They make lovely little gifts – if you bear to give them away…

Buy this pattern – £4