Alison Crowther-Smith

‘Cave Pearls’ Beaded Lace Scarf

Cave Pearls full image in pale (2)

There are two versions of this scarf in the same pattern download so when you buy this design, you can choose which you want to knit first!  One is shorter – a basic collar/comforter length, but absolutely covered in crystal beads – and without a frill, this takes one ball of Kidsilk Haze.

The other is longer, using up to two balls of Kidsilk Haze and far fewer beads.  It also has a structured, beaded frill.

Both use the same basic stitch but I have adjusted the repeat for the longer version in order to allow for fewer beads to be placed.  I also went up in needle size for this one as I wanted a more open fabric.

Cave Pearls in Trance

The design is ribbed lace, very easy really and whilst it looks like a tiny cable, this is mock-cable, so there is no cable-needle faffage to contend with.  The beads nestle in the little hollows that the stitch creates and in order to make this work, the beads are placed from the wrong side.  This is a very slight variation on the usual beading technique, very easy and fully explained in the comprehensive notes.

Cave Pearls in Mist close up of bead-scape

Because of the beading, it isn’t a super-fast knit but the longer, less-beady version is quite quick.  I rate the pattern as intermediate.

You will need:

  • 4 or 5 mm needles (the shorter scarf is worked on 4 mm)
  • 1 ball of Kidsilk Haze and approx 800 beads, size 6, for the shorter scarf
  • 2 balls of Kidsilk Haze and approx 300 beads, size 6, for the longer scarf

Skills used:

  • conventional casting on and off
  • knitting and purling
  • mock-cable stitch (fully explained and very easy)
  • placing beads from the wrong side (fully explained and very easy)
  • placing beads from the right side if adding the beaded frill (fully explained and very easy)
  • picking up and knitting
  • simple picot cast-off (fully explained and very easy)

Cost:  £4.00

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