Alison Crowther-Smith

Bubble Pop Electric Comforter:  download pattern only

Thinking about old-fashioned accessories is often a starting point for my designs, then adding a modern twist and using modern, timeless yarns.  So it was with this Comforter.  Comforter being a neck-warmer, not an often used term, nowadays, for a blanket or throw.
This is a short, very soft and airy neck-scarf, designed to be worn crossed over at the neck of a winter coat or snug-fitting sweater.  Pinned with a shawl-pin or a brooch, it looks really chic.  As a bonus, it does its job of keeping you warm and snug, and, further bonus, it’s great fun to knit.
You knit throughout with Kidsilk Haze and Pure Wool 4 Ply held together, other than at the ends where you knit fluted flounces in Kidsilk Haze only, casting off finally with the Pure Wool to define the peaks.  The pattern is a form of lace, but it’s not traditional lace in that rather than very obvious holes, you form puffs and bubbles.  It is the texture of this scarf that I fell in love with.  On the reverse side, it looks like a waffle-blanket such as the ones used to snuggle babies.  This traps air and keeps you very snug indeed.
About the scarf
It comes in 2 lengths, neither is very long.  The longer version is 105 X 25 cm at widest point including the frills.  The shorter version is 85 X 20 cm at widest point and including the frills.  As I say, a cross-over comforter, such as were very fashionable in the 1930s and 1940s.
Degree of difficulty
This is moderate.  In fact, you are only ever knitting and purling and the pattern is easily mastered, with many ‘resting’ rows; there is also the business of picking up and knitting the frills.
What you will need
The short version uses 2 balls of Pure Wool 4 Ply and 1 of Kidsilk Haze;  the longer version uses 3 balls of Pure Wool 4 Ply and 2 of Kidsilk Haze.
Needles used
You will need to use 5mm needles.
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