Alison Crowther-Smith


‘A Knitted Christmas’ Pattern Collection

This is a large collection of my favourite Christmas decorations which I have designed over the past 3 years.  It ranges from beaded gift bags to tiny frilly sweaters to hang on the tree;  mini-mittens, icicles, beaded hearts and flowers for a wreath.   Most offer alternative size or decorative options, they all take modest quantities of yarn – I have mainly used Kidsilk Haze and Shimmer – and few beads, ribbons and sequins.

The concept is that you knit a few of each in your range of colours to suit your Christmas.  Each design takes a short time to make and can become *slightly* addictive.

You could, for example, knit a whole series of gift bags, as I know many people have, for the tree or for a special little gift on the Christmas table.  Personally I’m a diamond fan, thanks.

I made a set of the gift bags in black and white, adorned with silver or black beads and sequins, and then hung these, using black or white narrow satin ribbons, on a set of white-painted twigs in a pewter jug.  Really simple but so effective.

Because they use small amounts of yarn, I think it is a good idea to hoard your left-overs and knit a couple of decorations now and then so that when it comes to December, you’re all ready.  Also, a set of these, knitted in a gorgeous colourway and presented in a tissue-lined box does make an adorable gift for a special friend – preferably someone who is also crafty so your cleverness will be fully appreciated.

This is a large collection and thus this pattern download costs £6.  You can buy it here: