Alison Crowther-Smith

Workshops at Court Cottage

Before you come to Court Cottage – which I very much hope you will – I just need to tell you about the house.  I adore it, but it’s a character in its own right…

Court Cottage is very old and has some quirks – low ceilings, some slightly uneven flag stones here and there, some little steps and ledges.  It’s a warm cottage, especially as in winter I light the log-fire.  In summer the thick stone walls keep it cool.  But I still light the fire.

Above, the garden in May-time

The workshop room is comfortable for about 7, maybe 8 knitters plus me and Kathryn. We knit at a large scrubbed pine table:

Above, the workshop room

On the day, an arrival timed for about 10.15 is perfect, giving time for coffee and home-made bakes;  we knit until about 1.00, break for lunch, and then have tea and cake at about 4.00 for a 4.30 close.

Your day will revolve around practicing the stitches and techniques needed for the chosen project.  This takes up the morning, then after lunch you choose your yarns and any beads needed and cast on your project for real.

The cost of most full day workshops is £65, some more complex events at £70 and this includes all tuition from two tutors as I always teach here with an assistant, practice yarns and beads, the pattern, a knitting bag which is a high quality re-usable cotton Alison Crowther-Smith kit bag plus all home-made treats, cakes and lunch.  It does not include the yarns for the actual project.  You can bring these from home, and I will be in touch in good time to tell you what you need, or you can buy yarns from me.  if you do so, I offer a workshop loyalty discount of £1 a ball off the RRP for yarns bought on the day, however, I only stock the yarns I like and the same goes for shades.

Technical Skills events which are 3 hours long and include tea-time treats, cost £30.

The Afternoon Tea Knitting Club cost £25 a session and includes a full, English afternoon tea.

The food is home-made.  I need to know about food items that you are allergic to.  Please tell me about these at the time of me confirming your booking.  This is not to be confused with food items you dislike.  I do not need to know about these and if one of them crops up, you can simply leave it. Please tell me about foods that you know make you unwell, such as triggering an allergic reaction.  Then I will make a decision about whether I think I can manage this risk adequately.  If I think I can’t, I will issue you with a refund.

You do not need to be an advanced or highly experienced knitter to attend and enjoy one of my workshops.  Moderate to standard knitting skills are just fine and if you haven’t been knitting since before you could talk, that’s fine too, nor have I.

My main aim is to inspire you to knit one of my designs, to pass on some skills and knowledge, have fun, and to make sure you have a lovely, special day.