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Workshop Loyalty Scheme 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Court Cottage Workshop Room – Ready for the Day!

Eleven valued customers have just qualified to choose £20 of Rowan yarns from me!


This is my 2014 Workshop Loyalty Scheme, details of which you can see here.

If you have attended, or book to attend, three workshops or more with me here at Court Cottage in 2014, you too will qualify.  I have back-dated the plan to January and it ends in November with the Christmas Workshop.  By November, I will have run ten events here, including the two-day Design Weekend, which is more than the last three years.  I have run more events because of the limited numbers I can take – seven or eight is my maximum – and I want to enable more people who might like to come, to be able to do so.

I recently added five new events.  You can see all the events here.  There are still spaces in June, September and October.  I do feel really lucky and very proud that so many of my customers come back for more workshops with us.  I have seen so many leaps and bounds of confidence and skill, in all of my customers, and I think that together, we have created a really special place to come and learn something new, enjoy a bit of gentle boundary-pushing, and meet other lovely people.

Teaching here at home was something I began almost 4 years ago.  I must say, I was filled with mild* anxiety about it when I first started, because, despite having taught for many years, over literally hundreds of events, I was opening up my house to people.  It felt much more personal.

Then Millington joined me.  It is very rare to have the focus of two knitting tutors for groups as small as seven or eight participants, but I think this is one of the elements that makes Court Cottage events special.  I was very lucky to meet Millington when we both worked at Rowan as freelance teachers and Design Consultants, and I am lucky to have her work with me still.

*may be an slight** understatement

**refer to * above

Over the 3 plus years of teaching here, I have always taught elsewhere, usually here in the West Country.  For me, these two experiences go hand-in-hand.  It is a very different (not better) experience, coming here for an event.  If you haven’t yet tried a Court Cottage Workshop, please do, because they really are unique and I love meeting new knitters too.

But to my very special cohort of regular attendees, new and long-standing alike:   this is a tangible way for me to say thank you.  So, enough with the schamltz – get choosing your yarn!

Half-Moon in February

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

The February Half-Moon Shawl course is now full, hurrah!

I am running it again in September and that is also full.  But if you think you might like to make one of these:

Half Moon symetric draped


Or these:

Baby half moon wrapped


then please email me as I would be happy to run it again in the summer or the autumn.


On the subject of courses, I am going to start a loyalty scheme for my Court Cottage events.  I will post the full details next month along with dates for the rest of my workshops here for 2014 and into early 2015.  I know!  I am basically a planning machine! (I’m not, but if I get my A into G now, it all feels much nicer when the time to teach comes around).

I plan to offer a reward of c£20 worth of yarn* (from my fairly substantial teaching stock of yarns) for anyone who books 3 or more places for themselves in 2014 and up to February 2015.  Once you’ve booked your places, you don’t need to do anything else.  I will keep a record and you can take your yarns whenever you like.

This will be back-dated to include any courses already booked/attended here in 2014 – so some of you have already qualified!

*if the yarn comes to under £20, beads can be taken to make up the difference.