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A Free Pattern – a felted pin cushion

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Hopefully these pretty pictures will brighten up your snowy (or just cold) day.

Here is a little free pattern – it’s a felted Turkish pin-cushion.  I made this with left-overs.

It’s a very fast knit and you can make it smaller by just modifying the number of stitches you increase to – the pattern is super-simple, all knitted flat and then seamed up – except for the last seam – before felting it in the washing machine.

If you are using different yarns to those I mention, I suggest you test a swatch of it first at 40 degrees.

So, make your fat pin cushion which is generous enough to accommodate A Lot of pins, stick with some jewel-like pins and either keep it – I’ve had mine for years – or give away as an exotic gift.


Turkish Pin Cushion





A Free Pattern – with a contract

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Hello, here is a very simple and easy free pattern.  It’s a Cotton Glace front, decorated all over in totally random bobbles knitted in Kidsilk Haze.  The back is fabric but you could knit a plain back too.

All you need to do, in order to proceed, is to agree that you will really randomize your yarn choices.

You see, the human brain is, I am told, incapable of truly random selections.  If you are asked, for example, to randomly pick colours for a tiled wall in a kitchen, selecting your colours from a box of small mosaic tiles in many shades, you are almost certainly going to start making choices.  Green and pink beside each other?  No.  Shuffle about in the box – ah!  Blue!  That is better…and so on.

So I would like you, if you decide to knit this, to have your fragments of KSH – and you only need 2 meters for each bobble – into a box or a bowl, out of sight, say, down the side of your chair on the floor, and as you need to make a bobble, reach into the box and just knit with whatever shade you pulled out.  I only allowed myself to pick again if I had just made a bobble in that shade.  The result may not be as I’d have arranged it – but it IS random, and therefore I love it.

Anyway, I trust you – so here’s the pattern: Really Random Puff Cushion Pattern



Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I think that left-overs are often at least as good as the main meal.  I’m so keen on them, I make extra-huge meals the first time round in order to have many many left-overs.  Then there is no need to make a sandwich for lunch (or as is usually the case, open ‘fridge, stare vacantly at contents, close ‘fridge, fail to make sandwich but make cup of tea instead…)  With the magic of left-overs, all I have to do is remember to put some of it in the warming oven at breakfast time, then after a hard morning of pattern-wrangling, I can just eat, no thinking needed.

So it is with knitting.  Left-over bits of yarn are hoarded and saved for something-important-sometime.  Only, I don’t always find a use for it.  We need to be creative in using up these precious bits and pieces – I think that, along with a free pattern for you here, from time to time, we’ll have a left-overs category where I can pop some ideas for using up the left-overs.  Mainly these will be so simple they won’t need patterns, but if I think it does need one, I’ll add it as a PDF for you to download.

First up any day soon, will be this Kidsilk Haze left-overs idea for a cushion.  So, never throw away KidSilk Haze over 1 metre in length, ‘cos that’s just enough for a bobble.  Aiming to post this free pattern on my blog in the next few days.

Kidsilk Haze left-overs, warmed up and served as bobbles on a cushion