Alison Crowther-Smith

Alison Crowther-Smith

I am passionate about hand knitting.  I am also an experienced teacher, author and designer.

While I knit anything – no really, anything! – I specialise in accessory design, felted hand-knitting with a really modern twist, and also in working with some of Rowan’s highly specialist yarns, for example, Kidsilk Haze.

Alison Crowther-Smith Designs offers you the chance to spend a little time with me in my knitting design world. Come to a workshop at my home, for example, read my blog, or visit The Design Room facility on this site.

Knitting is a special and ancient craft. In spite of its recent resurgence as a fashionable activity, I have always thought it was cool to knit – it really is. It offers us a highly expressive means of creating a lovely and precious object. It is also a relaxing and peaceful past-time. The time you invest in this activity is just that – an investment of yourself, whoever you are knitting for. I know how precious this time is, whether you have wrestled half an hour of knitting time out of a hectic day, or you have had a fabulous long weekend of yarn and needles.

So please also spend some time with me here – and do contact me, either via the contact page or by leaving a comment on my blog;  I would really like to hear from you.