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Halloween Designs

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Last weekend we had the first ever Court Cottage Halloween Workshop.  It was possibly the best fun we have ever had.


Next year’s event is already sold out and I am thinking, as it’s great fun but quite time-consuming to decorate the cottage and garden, that I *might* hold a second Halloween event in 2015.  I don’t have a waiting list, but if you’d be interested, please let me know.  It would probably be  the weekend after the one that is already arranged.  The designs will be spooky, elegant, and dark rather than literal – and as I write, I have only a vague idea what it or they may be…

This year, we played a murder game (no actual violence though I must say, it revealed a dark side to some of my participants that I had not glimpsed before) and the prizes were magic yarn: never ending balls of yarn that would always knit the most perfect items, never run out, tangle or make a mistake!

Puriton, usually quite deserted on a Saturday morning, was weirdly busy and as my procession of witches, ghosts and imps arrived at the house – re-named Corpse Cottage for the day – the locals were agog.  Thus confirming all their ideas about me and mine, no doubt.

I have also now added the two designs that I made for the day this year.  They are the Wraith Stole, and the Spirit Mitts.  Both patterns are available to buy now.



Someone is Excited About Halloween…

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Bronte in Halloween Costume


This is Bronte. She is attending my Halloween Workshop on 25 October.  Here she is, just trying on one of her costume options. Oh. My. God. How adorable you are, Bronte.

The final preparations are in hand as Halloween madness reaches epic proportions here.  The last requests have been sent out to participants and we are busy photographing the knits, designed especially for this day:  The Wreath Stole; and The Life-Blood Mitts.  Both are Gothic rather than literal and do not feature intarsia bats. Hope that will be OK with everyone. Once the event is over, I will pop the patterns into my pattern shop on the website.